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What word will make your year totally unrecognizable in 2017?

As we set ourselves up for the new year, we are reminded that each moment can be created anew. A single word can change your life. This year, my word is ABUNDANT.

My Word
Words are like passwords. They unlock power. They open the door. What single word best describes you and your unique gifts? Write that word in the box below.

My Purpose
You have a unique purpose. A reason for being. As Sufi Hafik taught, “There are no leaves alike in a forest of 100,000 trees. No two journeys on the same road are alike.” As you travel on your journey, remember that the footprints you leave on your path are as unique as the path you’re walking. Describe your purpose in the box below.

My Task
Keep your written gifts in the form of your word and your purpose with you each day of the year. I challenge you to put it in multiple places as a constant reminder to live into who you are.

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