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“Living a life of integrity starts with making and keeping promises, until the whole human personality, the senses, the thinking, the feeling, and the intuition, are ultimately integrated and harmonized.” —Stephen R. Covey


Hollowness or Holiness

Do your actions match your words?

When we are comfortable with who we are, we cease to be uncomfortable with who we are not. We become one with creation when we honor the promises we’ve made to ourselves and others. We create a life of abundance and fulfillment when we are one with our word.

When we are one with our word, we are one with the world.

The words of William Shakespeare ring with timeless resonance, “This above all: to thine own self be true; An it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

When we vainly attempt to deceive ourselves, we compromise and complicate who we are, and in so doing we become a fraction of what we could be.

Integrity means a life of wholeness. It is a completeness that brings blessings of simplicity and harmony into our lives. To “bless” is to make holy. Our path becomes a sacred path of holiness when we are whole. When we are not whole, our path becomes a path of hollowness. “Hollow” comes from hole, which is the part we are left with when we take out the first letter of the word “whole.” It is also what we become when we choose to be only part of who we really are.


  • Identify and honor a person of Integrity in your life. Select someone you know who personifies Integrity. Reach out and teach that person the meaning of Integrity and explain why they personify that word.

You can read more about Integrity and its meaning from around the world in Aspire: Discovering Your Purpose Through the Power of Words. 

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